This pandemic has forced a global surge in demand for medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). This unexpected turn of events outstripped pre-existing supply chains which caused organisations to pit against each other for adequate supplies for the pandemic response.


Suffolk Medical Supplies Ltd are UK based providers of various medical equipment and PPE including Healgen Antigen Lateral-Flow Rapid Tests, Medical Examination Gloves, Gowns, Respiratory Masks, Oximeters, Shoe Covers, Face Shields, Ultraviolet Sterilization Units, NASA Approved Air Purifiers, Sanitizers and Thermopass+ freestanding Digital Thermometer Units.


Our main objective is to provide products to front line services directly from source with favourable invoice terms. Suffolk Medical Supplies provide 30-365 day payment terms on all orders placed by front line organisations (subject to terms and conditions). We have worked extremely hard to bring sourcing and procurement processes back to the way they were before this pandemic.


For organisations to return to normal operations safely we need to focus on introducing safe ways of working. Suffolk Medical Supplies provide innovative solutions, developed specifically to control the spread of COVID19 within working environments. This will include reliable supplies of sanitisation material, various safety equipment and adequate testing.

Suffolk Medical Supplies has been formed with the sole purpose of bringing order to a chaotic space. We assist our clients with effective solutions designed to combat the many challenges presented throughout this pandemic. We do this by forming reliable relationships with the right manufacturers and providing safe, reliable transit of goods from point of origin to our clients destination. We procure directly from certified suppliers.

We pride ourselves on being organised with our approach to sourcing and procurement whilst remaining fair and transparent with our pricing structure as well as providing a fast & efficient procurement service for businesses, health organisations & governing bodies around the world.


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